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Photo-Realistic Portraits

One of my premiere styles is portraiture. I love to bring my pieces to life though photo-realistic quality. These are largely completed in digital media, but not always.

Concept Art

Another favorite style of mine is Concept Art. This is one of the most expansive styles in both technique as well as subject matter. Whether developing a vast fantasy landscape, a sci-fi construct, or an individual character concept; I find this style to be both freeing and challenging.

My Books

I am pleased to share original and concept art from my books. Beginning with my debut novel, Lyra Rayne: Ground Zero.


I also greatly enjoy sculpting. These pieces range from miniature creations, to small busts, to larger full sculptures. I also often paint the miniatures and larger sculptures, leaving the busts to maintain the natural color of the sculpting material.

Model Kits

Recently, I have reconnected with a favorite hobby of mine as a child; Plastic Model Kits. I am also pursuing custom made concept models. I am excited to share the completed works here.

Multi-Media Artist

I create in multiple mediums. Primarily my paintings and drawings are digital in nature. I do work in traditional media as well, including: graphite, charcoal, acrylic, oil, ink, etc. I prefer Sculpey polymer clay for my busts and larger sculptures and Green/Grey Stuff for my miniature work. I also enjoy Video Editing, Audio Engineering, and voice recording.

There are too many other artistic and hobby ventures that I dabble in to specifically mention here. If curious, please feel free to drop me a message via my Contact Me link above.


I am open to digital portrait painting, sculpture, and concept commission requests. To submit a query, click my Contact Me link above.

*For pricing info, click on the Rates heading above.

Follow Me

My portfolio showcases my various commercial and personal projects. Subscribe to my site for new pieces and updates. You can also follow me via the social media links found on the sidebar.

You can also follow me at my Author site,!

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